Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello! My name is CPmaster and I'm starting a new blog telling you where to get the best and newest Club Penguin cheats/hacks! I will look for mostly hacks and some cheats! From what I know you shouldn't download any of the CP Trainers because they get you banned most of the time and honestly, they usually don't even work. So DON'T GET CP TRAINERS!

-(something new) they came out with a new Rockhopper backround. It's can't be permed, so I won't give you the ID :-( but hopefully you'll meet him some day! Just wanted to let you know!

It's rockhopper at the beach with The Migrator behind him, and he has a blue penguin to his right
(Left when your looking at it from the computer) and your penguin in front of him. Sorry I dont have a picture YET!

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