Monday, July 13, 2009

I found the load swf for cp, if anyone wants it. And my trainer is NOT almost ready!

-Gack Oobleck

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I will be going away on vacation for a week so no new updates. Cp Trainer 2 plus is going to be broken for a while cause its the exe version right now and my web page doesnt take that. Remember anyone with the club penguin load swf please give it to me! Thanks!

-Gack Oobleck

Friday, June 19, 2009

How to beat the sensei!

Important Things You need to Know Before Defeat the Sensei

The most important thing – get the black belt.

Go to the Sensei which is sitting on the sofa. choose ( Sensei Mode )

The first few time, the Sensei will win you ALL the time! You can’t even beat him once!

How to Defeat the Sensei

Try to battle the Sensei a few time even if you lose to him. Like 8 to 20 times or more than that

After you play 8 to 20 time with him, he will be a normal player and you can defeat him!

After you defeat the Sensei, you will receive a Ninja Mask from him.

He will tell you the passage to the secret Ninja Room too!

And when you wear the ninja suit, your mask will be different than the black super-hero mask.

The Secret Door to the Ninja Hideout room is behind a rock, which is located at the Dojo Courtyard

You can still play Card-Jitsu in there, but you’ll play WITH NINJAS

You can hit the gong with the snowball, just like the gong in the Dojo on the Dojo Grand-Opening Party. But this time it’s different, it has no time, and they have 4 gongs for you!

Ninja Catalog

There is a Secret Ninja Catalog in there. You can find the catalog down right.

I’m not gonna publish all the items, but 1 item – The Ninja Outfit

When you wear the Ninja Outfit, you’ll become invisible, other penguins can only see your shadow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey everybody! I need help! believe it or not. I have been recently trying *cough cough* attempting to make my own Cp Trainer. Its gonna be called Cp Select. I had it up and running and I was about to release it w/out telling you guys. *wink wink* Then it crashed. All I need is help finding the club penguin load swf thats actually works. I was using this. ShockwaveFlash1.Movie = “”
If you have the right one, please comment by clicking on the title of this post, that will take you to my blog, and you can comment there! Please help me you will be in for a good trainer if you do. What ever coins you want! Hehe XD

-Gack Oobleck

Friday, June 12, 2009

Aventure Party!

Here are the IDs! Have fun exploring!

Id: 1062, Name: Green Safari Hat, Type: Head, Member: false
Id: 9030, Name: Adventure Party Background, Type: Photo, Member: false
Id: 3023, Name: Tropical Bird, Type: Neck, Member: true

-Gack Oobleck

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penguin Stuff

I'm thinking about putting a download link to a trainer that lets your penguin get new clothes! Basically an ID getter! Be carefull not to get banned. The new ID item list should be a couple posts below! I have looked into it, and there is no way to get member clothes to non members. SORRY. I will try even more but i think your going to have to stick with client side clothes! Tip: Tobogans go faster than tubes, and in cart surfer, you go faster when your penguin is light green!

-Gack Oobleck


Hey! Sorry I havent updated very much over the past few days, just a reminder for new people, you HAVE to have Penguin Storm 6.1 to use the item ID's. Penguin Trainer 2 Plus is still broken, but hopefully there will be a new beta today or tomorrow for the full thing! The unlimited coins "beans" cheat does not work anymore. But I'm sure i will find other game cheats!

Gack Oobleck